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R!LU: Baron Typhonus - Battle Strategy by ARandomArtistUsesDA R!LU: Baron Typhonus - Battle Strategy by ARandomArtistUsesDA
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Baron "Ivy" Typhonus

Name: Baron James Ivory Typhonus


Occupation: Leader of AOTN

Maelstrom (Formerly), Leader/Co-Founder of AOTN

Weaponry: Purifying Magic, Double Side Pistols

Age: 35

Height: ~5 ft 6 in

Weight: 145 lbs

Hair Color: Black (formerly), White/Blue tips

Eye Color: Green (Formerly), Green/Blue

Lady Annisa Typhonus (Mother)
Lord Brumire Typhonus (Father)


Born in [CORRUPTED DATA], James Ivory Typhonus seeked for something different. Sure, he had all the luxuries that one could dream of, but he felt as if something was missing. He didn't understand this feeling until his family moved into the city, where he met Albert Overbuild. The two soon became close friends.

At age 21, Typhonus and Overbuild left their homes, meeting many people across the universe. While Overbuild continued searching, Typhonus settled down on a very nice planet, called [CORRUPTED DATA]. There, he met Hael Storm and Vanda Darkflame. After their brief meeting, Albert contacted him about a sudden pulse of pure energy, creating a whole new world. Fascinated, Typhonus founded "Nexus Searchers," after what Albert described what could possibly be the cause - The Imagination Nexus. 

Soon, they began building their ship - The Nexus-1. Soon, they were ready to take off, and Typhonus received the Begonia flower from a knight who would be joining them. Unsure what it meant, Baron thanked the knight. 

During the trip, Typhonus and the knight (who we know as Duke Exter) clashed every now and then, whether that be over who stepped first on the soil where the Nexus resided, to where they should go next.

After they found the Nexus, Albert, Hael, and Exter all imagined something unique to them. Typhonus just hoped they were happy, sketching the Nexus in his notebook. However, his friends would summon the first Maelstom being - The Spider Queen. Hearing their screams, Typhonus had no time to react until he was dragged into the Nexus with his "friends."

Years passed, and Typhonus - now the Darkitect, the God of Corruption - was starting to despise his friends, even his childhood friend Albert. Soon, Typhonus rebelled against an order given by Exter to corrupt a young kid that they captured. Typhonus ran away with most of his army, with the kid's safety being a top priority. Typhonus finally felt good again - pure. 

In a flash of light, Typhonus and the Darkitect, split into two beings, the Darkitect becoming Primus. The members that joined Typhonus in the rebellion also changed, most regaining their original bodies. 

However, Typhonus grew much faster now, his hair turning white with blue tips. He now has an attachment on his neck to slow down this aging process. Despite this, Typhonus knew what he must do - to make AOTN and fight back, for the sake of the universe. 

-= Transmission End =-

-= Terminating Connection... =-

-= Terminated. =-

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Artist's Notes 

HOOO BOY. I AM REALLY PROUD HOW THIS CAME OUT! Here's the key for the map: 

Purple (any shade) : Controlled by maelstrom.
Purple Rods: Maelstrom Fortresses.
Red Arrows: Maelstrom Attacks
Purple ovals: Maelstrom Victories/Attacks
Green: Controlled by AOTN
Blue Rods: AOTN Bases
Yellow Arrows: AOTN Troop Movements
Blue Ovals: AOTN Victories/Attacks

Time Taken: About 2-4 Hours over 2 days.
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